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Peach Creek Award

Rockin' Cul-de-sac
Chapter 4
Written by Flipper and Electro

     "Well we're back! Lets take a look at the scores shall we?" Double D read the cards. "It would appear Ed gave a ten, Eddy a four, and myself a seven which leaves her with a final score of twenty-one out of thirty."
     Sarah climbed out from under the stage again, walked up to Ed, and punched his face in.
     "I feel young again!" Ed gasped.
     "Lame," Eddy yawned.
     "Snores ville!" Kevin laughed.
     Sarah left them with two black eyes.
     "I'm so proud of you, Sarah!" Jimmy hugged her.
     "Me too!" Ed hugged her as well. Sarah gritted her teeth and handed out another black eye.
     "That's Sarah's way of kissing me," Ed grinned.
     "So next shall be Rolf" Double D looked more closely at the paper.
     "Oh! Can I say it? It's one of my favorites!" Ed waved his free hand in the air.
     "Everything is your favorite," Eddy grumbled.
     "TOE!" Ed yelled.
     "Not that again," Double D sighed.
     "Are you three nincompoops done over there so Rolf may show off his potential," he sighed. "If only Rolf's ancestors could see good ol' Rolf on stage. How proud they would be."
     "Of course you may begin whenever you-" Double D said.
     "SING!" Ed butted in.
     Rolf walked onto the stage in a little blue dress and apron. He wore a bonnet and was closely followed by one of his chickens dressed as a lamb. "His staff clonks as he decides where to be positioned for his performance." His chicken wobbled as it followed behind him. its beedy little eyes fixed on Ed.
     He cleared his throat and sang, "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb..."
     Ed stared at the "lamb," realizing it wasn't a lamb. "CHICKEN!" He jumped onto the table and the button.
     "School one day, school one daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Rolf fell threw the trap door.
     "ED!: Sarah screamed. Ed looked at his arm in a sling and back at Sarah before running away. "I don't know what I did, but it wasn't good! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
     "I better watch where I step," Nazz looked over at Kevin with an uncertain look.
     "What a waste of money!" Kevin booed.
     Rolf climbed out of the hole, he costume full of mud and feathers. He walked over to the battle against Ed and Sarah with a steeming red face.
     Sarah saw Rolf coming and stopped for a moment leaving Ed in a mangled mess. Rolf held out a hand and bowed.
     "May I have the honor of joining you in the Ed-boy thrashing?" Rolf rolled up his sleeves.
     "It would be a pleasure," Sarah grinned. They both turned to Ed with steaming red tomato faces before pouncing on him.
       "Well I guess that we will have to have another intermission," Double D grabbed a hankerchief.
(Sometime Later) (who knows how long)
Double D:      Lets get to the scores shall we?
Comments:  (In wheelchair with a cast oner his leg) Even I Wouldn't have been to break your leg
Double D
Comments: (eyes looking from side to side) It wasn't that ah..... childish
comments: (Also looking around) Hey...ah...It ain't a...ah...It ain't a Zero.
Double D:     So your score is... 19
Ralf:               My Reputation preceeds me.
Double D:     Next we will have Nazz sining Gone.
Eddy:             Finnally we have something good.

Ed:                  Need my cast?

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