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Peach Creek Award

Rockin' Cul-de-sac
Chapter 2
Written by Flipper and Electro

     "And we're back! And the only thing remaining are the judges opinions!" Double D blurted out, receiving scattered applause once more.
"Wow, Jimmy! That was the best! Two thumbs up! You get a ten!" Ed holds up a sign with one hand. His other arm is conveniently in a sling.
"That was definetly...interesting, Jimmy....Seven," Double D cowered beneath Sarah's glare.
"Gee, what can I say about this," Eddy began, but soon sank into his seat as well with one glance from Sarah. "Seven?"
Jimmy received applause.
"So, as we all can see, Jimmy's score is ten plus seven plus seven which is...?" Double D prayed for a response, but met none. "Why do I even bother. Twenty-four out of thirty!"
"NEXT!" Ed announced in Double D's ear. "PLANK AND JONNY 2x4 SINGING HAKUNA MATATA!"
"Ow," Double D rubbed his ear.
     "Hi everyone!" Jonny greeted the audience, but nobody answered. "Well Plank, let's rock this place!" Jonny turns around to his wooded friend who was holding a wooden electric guitar. "Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase! Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passin' craze!"
Meanwhile, Ed is on the judges table dancing to the music while Double D frantically is trying to grab papers before Ed steps on them or his own hands.
It means no worries, for the rest of your days! It's our problem free! Philosophy! Hakuna Matata! Hit it Plank!"
"........................." said Plank.
"Yeah Plank! Shake it!" Ed screamed.
"Eddy!" Double D shook Eddy's shoulders. "Eddy, please wake up!"
"ZZZZZ....ZZZZZZ....ZZZZZZ...." snored Eddy.
Ed starts dancing again and steps on the red button.
Hakooo...WHOA!" Jonny and Plank fall through.
     "AH! JONNY!" Jimmy called out.
"Ho ho! Do not worry, feable one! As Rolf will free the balloon headed child!" Rolf jumped up on the stage and began the fruitless attempt of digging Jonny out with an old, rusty shovel.
"This is stupid," Sarah slumped into her seat.
"This is so lame!" Kevin complained.
"It was just getting to the good part, too," Nazz sighed.
"ZZZZZZ....ZZZZZZ....ZZZZZZ...." said Eddy.
"Ed!" Double D whispered into Ed's ear. Ed gave him the thumbs up and ran to his house.
He soon returned with a bucket out ice-cold water and proceeded to dump it on Eddy's head.
"AAAAGGGGHHHH!" Eddy screamed.
"Wakie, wakie, sleepy-head!" Ed patted Eddy on the head. Eddy grabbed the bucket and slammed it over Ed's head.
"Huh?" Ed looked down at the bucket around his neck. "Oh. HORSESHOE!"
"Horseshoe? Where?" Rolf peeked his head out of the hole.
"Over there, neighbor," Ed pointed to Rolf's house.
"Return Rolf's horseshoe, Victor, or you will not have Mama's Pickled Meatloaf Loaf Surprise for a week!"
"As for the scores," Double D began, but the riot continued. He groaned and pulled out an air horn.
"Crude, yet effective. The scores!"
"TOE!" Ed hollered.
"That's a ten, stupid," Eddy said.
"No, it's a toe! Don't you know anything?" Ed smirked. Eddy glared.
"Eight," Double D cut it before another arguement broke out.
"I'll give the guy a five. At least he was better than-" Eddy began, but Double D covered his mouth.
"And so you have it! Twenty-three out of thirty! Next we have Sarah singing the Hokie Pokie!"

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