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Fanfiction, Rated G
Fanfiction, Rated PG
Fanfiction, Rated PG-13
Peach Creek Award

Rockin' Cul-de-sac
Chapter 1
Written by Flipper and Electro


     The curtain for the stage opened and Ed stepped out with a microphone. "Hi everybody, and welcome to the Cul-de-sac’s Idol!"
The crowd gave a few claps.
"The judges are as following," Ed continued," me-"
"Ohhhh boy!" Sarah moaned.
"Double D!" There was scattered applause, "and Eddy!"
Eddy was met with the blank sound of cricket noises in the background and Kevin shouting "DORK!"
"And now we will invite Jimmy to sing one of his favorites!" Ed announces. He returns the microphone to its stand and takes a seat next to Double D.
"Ed, you’re supposed to say what he is singing," Double D whispered.
"But that is what it says," Ed showed the paper to him. At the top of the list it said: Jimmy: One of my favorites.
"Well it's on to you Jimmy," Double D sighed.
Jimmy entered the stage from the left and timidly grabs the microphone.
"Go Jimmy!" Sarah cheered.
" Ed said, I am going to sing one of my favorites," Jimmy cleared his throat.
"I love you, you love me. We're a happy family-"
"This song always cracks me up," Ed cried, tears forming in his eyes.
"Oh man!" Eddy complained, covering his ears.
"Eddy, you are supposed to be respectful to those who are on stage," Double D hissed.
Kevin started by throwing a nearby tomato, and soon, almost everyone in the audience was chucking over-ripened fruits at him. He immediately dropped the microphone and covered his head with his arms.
"Ahhhhhh, they're going to hurt me Sarah!" Jimmy cowered. Sarah ran onto the stage and tried to cover Jimmy from the crowd.
Another tomato hit Ed in the back of the head. His head is flung forward and hits the table. He looks up and spots a little red button.
"OH! My long lost button from my four year old shirt!" Ed proclaimed. He tried to pick up the button, but it wouldn't budge. So he did the next thing he thought of.
He pushed it.
A trap door opened under Sarah and Jimmy whilst she was trying to comfort him.
"SARAH!!!" Jimmy screamed.
"Uh, we will be back after this short break," Double D hastily said as the curtain closed.
"Now this is a show!" Kevin yelled.
Sarah climbed out from under the apron surrounding the stage while Jimmy pulled his way out with mangled legs. She stomped toward her older brother, hands in tight knuckles, and proceeded in beating Ed up in any place where she could reach. Nazz was now comforting Jimmy who continued sobbing.

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