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Peach Creek Award

The Wizard Of Ed
Chapter 5
Written By Beansie

"Rise and shine, sleepy heads! It's the start of a new day!" Nazz opened up the door of the hut to let the day's sun and fresh air in. Ed continued to snore while Eddy and Rudolph moaned.

"Close the door, geez," Rudolph growled.

"Oh come on! It's a brand new day!" Nazz pulled the blanket off the trio.

"Fine..." Eddy moaned and sat up. Ed joined him, laughing.

"Come on, Rudolph! Wakey wakey!" Nazz giggled.

"Five more minutes..." he moaned.

"No seriously dude, we should probably get ready to leave now," Nazz yawned. Rudolph groaned once more to get his point across, got up from his curled position, stetched, and yawned.

"Fine, let's get out of here," he walked toward the door.

"Should we get bite to eat first, dude?" Nazz asked.

Rudolph blinked. "I thought you just said we should leave."

"Yeah, read the fineprintright up there again, Missy," Ed pointed up.

"No, she said we should probably get ready to leave, Skip," Eddy crossed his arms in a satisfied smirk. Rudolph growled and Eddy stuck out his tongue.

"Fine," Rudolph rolled his eyes. "What are we gonna eat then?"

"Well," she reached into her pockets. "I've got...some mints..." she held them out in her hand.

"Oh! I've got sweets! See!" Ed held out a handful of some of the most disgusting pieces of candy anyone could have offered.

" know, I'm not...really hungry anymore," Nazz tried to smile.

"You're kidding, right?" Eddy dumbfoundedly stared at Ed.

" how 'bout one of those mints, Nazz?" Rudolph asked.

"Sure," she dropped one down for him while she still stared at Ed.

"You sure?" Ed asked.

Nazz and Eddy quickly nodded. "Yeah!" "Uh huh!" "You know, I'm not real hungry no more. You?" "No."

Ed shrugged and popped the handful into his mouth. "Moo foo me!" he grinned, spitting chewed pieces of candy all over them.

"YUCK!" Eddy exclaimed as Nazz grimaced down at her shirt and Rudolph walked away.

"Where you goin', Rudolph?" Ed innocently asked.

"A creek," replied Rudolph, "I'm gonna drown myself."

"Okay, have fun then!" Ed waved.

", uh...Nazz..." Eddy stammered. Nazz giggled and clasped his hand and shook it.

"You're very welcome, Eddy," she grinned. "Come on, Ed!" she made a motion for Ed to follow her out of the cabin and back onto the road. Eddy stood at the door for ten seconds as he debated with himself.

"WAIT!" he yelled. The two turned around.

"Yeah?" Nazz asked. Rudolph returned and sat down at their feet.

"I...uh...listen, I've been needing to see the wizard about...something...and if I could-" Eddy stammered once more, but was interrupted by Nazz's joyous response.

"Sure, Dude! Come o'!" she laughed and the foursome returned to the White Chocolate Road.

"How long have we been walking?" Nazz asked. "My feet are totally killing me!" The party stopped as she sat down on a log to take off her shoe."You know, I'm real hungry now, too," Nazz looked down at her stomach as it growled. "This road is becoming really tempting now..."

"I thought you said you didn't want to eat it earlier," Rudolph sneered.

"I-" Nazz began, but stopped when she saw a shadow moving in the forest on the other side of the road. "What was that!"

"What?" Eddy turned to look where she was staring, but saw nothing.

"Well it's gone now," she yawned and put her shoe back on.

"At ease soldier! Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Ed yelled as he ran ahead of the three.

"Ed! Wait!" Nazz called.

"Don't worry about him. He'll find a tree to run into soon enough," Rudolph smirked.

"RUN AWAY!" Ed yelled again, running back at them full speed and knocking them all down. "Ouch. I fell."

"Yeah, you did, you big lummox," Eddy was trying to push Ed off of him.

"Look out!" Nazz screamed when she saw what was coming at them. A long shadow was cast in front of the creature as, in all its sihouette wonder, came for them with its arms up.

"Get off me!" Eddy yelled when Ed climbed on his head and shook like a leaf. He grabbed his leg and dropped him on the ground, so Ed hid behind his back instead.

"HHHHHAAAAAGGGGCCCHHHH!" the creature brought its arms down to cover his sneeze. "Bless me." He looked down at his hands and tried to clean them in an acceptable manner. He was about Nazz's height and completely covered in cotton candy.

"What happened to you?" Nazz asked. Eddy began laughing very hard, however.

"It's a long story," he continued to try to clean his cotton candy hands. "I'm sorry, where are my manner." He put his hand out for her to shake, but quickly took it back. "Eddward," he tried to grin. "With two d's," he added.

"Oh, Double D!" Ed laughed.

"Great!" Rudolph rolled his eyes. "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy."

"I...okay..." Nazz stared at him in awe. "What...happened?"

"I was following the rare pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly into the forest for my butterfly collection," he gave a small grin, "and I stumbled into this hole in the ground, completely filled with cotton candy. And you know how uncannily sticky cotton candy can be."

"Uh...yeah..." Nazz nodded.

"Now I remember! I've seen you before!" Eddy began to laugh again, but Rudolph started to growl up at him.

" offense, but you might want a bath," Nazz tried to smile.

"Yes, I've been searching for someone to lend me their shower, but to no avail. That's why I was on my way to the Great Wizard of Ruby City. I'm going to lose my mind if I can't find a shower soon," Double D ran his hand over his head.

"Well that's where we're heading, too. You might as well come along with us," Nazz shrugged.


"Oh boy!" Ed grabbed him and gave him a suffocating bear hug.

"Come on, or we'll never get there," Rudolph started to walk ahead of them. Nazz shrugged and her and Eddy followed, as Ed and Double D brought up the rear as Ed began to tell tales of vampires, goblins, and whatever else he could think of.

Watching them run so much is making my armpits sweaty.