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Peach Creek Award

Wizard of Ed
Chapter 2
Written by Beansie

She raised her hand to her head and shook it. She tried to open her eyes, but they wouldn't work. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and tried again.

Her jaw dropped. She wasn't in the cul-de-sac anymore. The houses appeared to be made out of graham crackers, something like the ones sold around Christmas time. The ground was covered in a white substance. Nazz took some on her finger and licked it. It was frosting!

The road was made of chocolate blocks and lined with giant gumdrops on both sides. She had somehow ended up in a land of candy!

She went to get up, but realized she was sitting on someone. She looked down and saw the limp figure of Sarah.

"Hold it right there, Miss!" a small boy's voice called. Nazz looked to see Jimmy running toward her with a complete army of gingerbread people behind him.

"Jimmy! I'm so happy to see you! Look, I'm sorry about-" Nazz began, but was soon cut off.

"That is no way to address your Prince, ma'am," Prince Jimmy said forcefully.

"Well I'm sorry, Prince Jimmy. Where am I?"

"Oh," Jimmy thought aloud," playing clueless, are we? Come on boys, I know just the thing for her..."

Two gingerbread men grabbed her arms from behind and lifted her away while she kicked and screamed. They walked her to a tall building and opened up two large doors.

"No! Let go of me!"

They threw her into a chair which quickly bound her arms and legs with licorice so that she wouldn't escape. Prince Jimmy walked toward her, tappingsomething golden in his hand.

"Let's just see how much you know," the Prince slowly tore the gold wrapping to reveal little more than a bar of chocolate inside.

"Now we just need you to eat this, Miss," Prince Jimmy advanced toward her and handed the chocolate off.

"I don-" one of the gingerbread men stuffed it in her mouth while another proceaded to squash her jaws together. She finally swallowed it when her cheeks were becoming sore.

Everything started to go black and fuzzy. The last thing she heard was," Alright, let's begin the inquirery."

"Alright, get up," a high pitched voice from above her said.

"Where..." Nazz opened her eyes. Prince Jimmy was standing there looking as happy as the sun.

"Do not worry, Miss Nazz," Jimmy said," release the prisoner!"

The licorice binding her disappeared.

"What's goin' on do you know my name?"

"Come!" Prince Jimmy gestured for her to follow him. "Into the gardens!"

Nazz stood up and cautiously followed behind his shadow.

"Care for a caramel apple, Miss Nazz?" Prince Jimmy inquired.

"Umm, sure..."

Prince Jimmy reached up into one of the trees and pulled down a candied apple.

"Would you be so kind as to sit down," Prince Jimmy motioned toward a bench.

"Do you know what that chocolate you ate earlier was?" Jimmy asked. Nazz shook her head and took a bite out of the caramel apple.

"That, Miss Nazz, was truth-telling chocolate. Once one has consumed it, they will be in a so-called trance for the next hour--they can't lie. Pretty ingenious, yes, Miss Nazz?"

"Mm-hmm," Nazz nodded and swallowed the sticky fruit treat. "Where am I?"

"You are in The Country With No Name, in The Land of Peach Cream."

"So, like, how will I get home?"

"There are four main roads out of town. The Dark Chocolate Path leads West. You mustn't go down that road if you can prevent it. The Almond-Filled Chocolate Bar Road leads South and the Triple-Thick Chocolate Trail leads North. Finally, The White Chocolate Walk which comes out at Ruby City, home to The Great Wizard. Only he can help you leave."

"What if I don't make it!"

"There'll be no worrying in this department, Miss Nazz. As long as you have the right protection you'll be fine." Jimmy pulled a whistle out of his pocket and blew into it--however, it made no sound.



A low growl came from behind them. Nazz gulped and slowly turned around.

"What the-" Bolting toward them was a small, barking beagle.

"Uh, Prince Jimmy? Exactly how is this gonna help me?" Nazz asked.

"Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!"


"Hey, hey, hey! What's the idea, sister!" the dog barked back.

"Allow me to introduce Rudolph. He is really more pleasant than he might seem. His bark's worse than his bite, you know," Jimmy stated.

"I'm still here ya know!"

"Rudolph," Prince Jimmy started, ignoring the dog's previous statement all together," this is Miss Nazz. She comes from a land far from here and needs help getting home. You are to escort her to Ruby City so she-"

"Ruby City? Forget it, man! There is no way I'm leadin' her all the way to-!"

"You are to escort Miss Nazz to Ruby City! Do this and I will put a word in for you," Prince Jimmy smirked.

"Fine," Rudolph complained. "Come on, Nazz!" Nazz slowly followed behind the dog.

"Remember! Bring her safely!" Prince Jimmy called.

"Yeah, yeah..."