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Fanfiction, Rated G
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Peach Creek Award

Peach Creek Award


Stories With The Peach Creek Award:
Rated G
Rockin' Cul-de-sac
Funny, amazing, and witty! A really great idea! Better than American Idol! A 5 out of 5! ~NarutoFan5
Rated PG
The Secret Of Edd
I have been reading this story from Part 1, and I swear it keeps getting better and more intense each new chapter! Hurry and write more! I give this story a 10/10! ~CL Fanatic
Sweet boats of gravy- This is sheer genius! Tears were literally streaming down my eyes as I read this beautifully done work of... Double-Dism and... gingerbread! *cringes* Argh... though I did enjoy it much. I showed it to all my friends, and now whenever we pass in the hall, we always whisper in mysterious voices to each other, "Beware the Nyquil..." This is just great... I can imagine it as a real EEnE episode! ^_^ And Double-D's my favorite Ed, so it made me laugh double-ly hard... "I KISSED YOU GIRL! I KISSED YOUR GIRL!" *rolls on the floor clutching her stomach as tears of joy roll down her face* wOOt! ~Maz-A-Ma-Taz

"Why thank you Eddy, no one would even suspect mother nature of harbouring a spring loaded circus cannon and blowing innocent bystanders to kingdom come!"